Kate from our Save Rimrose Valley campaign team has started our very own craftivism group!

As its name suggests, “craftivism” is a combination of craft and activism… creative and positive ways of communicating a message.

These subtle tactics can often be more powerful and persuasive than what people would consider more traditional campaigning.  Making the time to do something creative is good for the soul and wellbeing and we bet there are a lot of talented people out there… as well as people willing to learn – everyone is welcome!

The group are already busy knitting and crocheting animals and flowers with plans to distribute these across the area… and even send them to some of the people who are trying to push through plans for a road through Rimrose Valley.

So, if waving a placard isn’t your thing… or even if you’d like to do both, here’s how you can get involved.

Join the “Rimrose Round” Facebook group by clicking here.

Or, if you’re not on Facebook, email Kate at: kateelder7@gmail.com and she will be in touch.

Thank you… and happy crafting!!