Incredibly, it is 4 and a half years since National Highways announced its plans to build a road through Rimrose Valley.

This means that our petition is 4 and a half years old, too!

At the time of its creation, we knew we opposed these plans and that we wanted to fight for Rimrose Valley’s future, but we didn’t know how complex and far-reaching the implications were.

We’ve put that right by updating our petition to reflect all of the reasons we object to this scheme and exactly what we are calling for.

You can access it by clicking here.

We are really close to 15,000 signatures, so please help us to smash this number and push on to 20,000!

Let’s use this as a reason to unite ALL communities in South Sefton affected by the port’s expansion, including those suffering the effects of another of National Highways’ roads – the A5036 – TODAY!

Please read, sign (if you haven’t already) and SHARE with family and friends!

Thank you.