FB-CPRE UPDATE2In further steps to raise national awareness of our campaign, Chair of Rimrose Valley Friends, Si Smith, was recently invited to meet Crispin Truman OBE, the CEO of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and Nick Thompson, the Chair of Lancashire CPRE.  CPRE are another useful contact as they meet with Westminster politicians regularly on important, environmental matters. They are also making useful contacts with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and the new Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram.

CPRE works to protect, promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy, and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations.  One of CPRE’s major achievements since it was established in 1926 was the introduction of Green Belts, which have so successfully prevented urban sprawl and ensured that areas like the surrounds of Rimrose Valley are much healthier and better places to live in and enjoy.  The protection of Rimrose Valley as classic green belt land is crucial for CPRE.  You can find out more about their organisation by visiting their website at www.cprelancashire.org.uk

After his visit Crispin Truman wrote to us to say “I now have the Rimrose campaign firmly in my mind and am already citing it wherever relevant as a particularly striking example of the threat to the countryside near urban areas”.  He has vowed to support our campaign and add to the political pressure at Westminster.  With the Campaign for Better Transport and Lancashire Wild Life Trust already onboard, we are gaining some strong allies in our fight against the road and very much look forward to working together in the future.

What you can do now:

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