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How do I become a friend?

Click HERE and complete the small form on the right hand side of the page and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

Can I volunteer to help out?

Absolutely!  We’re growing as a team and getting good results, but there is so much that needs doing.

We’re all busy people who don’t get paid and the more help we can get the better.  We’re looking for people to get involved in whatever way they can.  We do have some key roles that need filling, which you can see here, however we’ll take all the help we can get.  So if you have other ideas or skills that you think might be useful or if you just want to get involved in a small way, then Contact Us.

How do I donate?

Yes please!  We’re starting to apply for funding but it’ll all take time to start coming through and in the meantime we’re relying on volunteers and a few of us dipping into our pockets now and again.  So any donations no matter how small will be very welcome.  Every penny donated will be used with care and wisdom all for the good of our beloved Rimrose Valley.

Simply click the Donate with PayPal button on any page or the one below to be taken to PayPal to make your donation…thank you!

Where can I let people know about a wildlife sighting?

If you see something interesting then there are a number of ways of sharing that with us from citizen science nature surveys to photo-sharing sites. We’ve also assembled some resources to help you identify wildlife while out on the park like spotting guides, apps and field guides.

Citizen Science Survey

We want all you citizen scientists to help us with a nature survey of the park and we’ve ensured that the two main British sites for this have a page for the Rimrose Valley:

  • iSpot – if you sign up and add your own nature sightings and the location, then all of them will be brought together on the Rimrose Valley project page we set-up. They also have experts on their site who can help you identify any species you find if you are unsure or they can confirm your identification.
  • iRecord – a project from the Biological Records Centre and they have a range of apps to record different species. We’ve also signed-up there and you can join the Rimrose Valley nature survey.

The Record Pool – Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

The Record Pool collects data on herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians) in the UK and to makes it available, locally and nationally, for conservation purposes.


There are also a number of ways you can share your photographs with others.

We have our own gallery that you can upload the photo to.

There are also sites that’ll pool together pictures geographically:

  • Google+ – Google’s page for the park where people can add reviews and photos. We don’t currently control this page but we are working on it.
  • Flickr – a group we started that anyone can join and add photos to.
  • Instagram – they already collect together images based on location automatically. It is not connected to us.

Spotting Guides

  • Plantlife have free plant spotter sheets that cover habitats and what to look for in each month.
  • Wildlife Watch has a wide range of spotting sheets for animals that you can download for free.


Field Guides

The Field Studies Council produce a number of handy fold-out guides that are useful for identifying the species you might find on the Rimrose Valley:

When are your nature walks?
We try to hold our very popular nature walks at least once a month between spring and autumn.  Please check our Upcoming Events section on the home page of this site by clicking HERE
When are your litter-picking sessions?
We always get a very good turnout to our litter picking sessions. It’s a very uplifting and positive way to protect Rimrose Valley and to spend a couple of hours with very nice and like minded people. We try to hold them once a month between spring and autumn.  Please check our Upcoming Events section on the home page of this site by clicking HERE
How can I contact you?

You can contact us by using the telephone number or email address at the top of this website or you can use any of the contact details on our Contact Us page by clicking HERE