What’s happening?
Members of our campaign team work closely with Friends of the Earth – both Liverpool & North West – who have organised an online hustings (a Q&A session) this Thursday evening, 1st April from 7pm with our metro mayoral candidates for the Liverpool City Region, ahead of the election on 6th May.
The event is co-hosted by Sefton Climate Action, Liverpool Friends of the Earth, Wirral Climate Action, Faiths4Change, Liverpool City Region Climate Action Group, Youth Strike for Climate, XR Liverpool and ourselves.
How do I attend?
It’s easy and FREE!  Register at the link below and you’ll receive a confirmation email containing a link for you to submit your own question for consideration:
Why is this so important?
Metro mayors make decisions that impact life in our neighbourhood – from housing and roads, to public transport and green space.
Their powers extend beyond our local area as they have a direct link to Westminster.
It is Westminster and the Department for Transport who are responsible for Highways England’s road proposal.
We therefore need a metro mayor who genuinely cares about the environment to stand up to what is happening and to seek a better outcome for South Sefton which not only protects our essential green space, but also improves life along the existing A5036 corridor by taking HGVs off our roads and kickstarting a revolution in making public transport and active travel (cycling, walking) our first choices in getting from A to B.
Whilst this is MASSIVELY relevant to Rimrose, it also relates to the Port of Liverpool’s never ending expansion, the impact of their operations and how we go about tackling the issues it is creating for communities and the environment both here and overseas.
We need to ensure that private interests and profit don’t come before people’s health, wellbeing and the environment in which we live.
We could really use your voice to put our campaign and wider climate action firmly on the agenda for the future Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region.
Thank you.
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