Membership Rules


Membership of the Rimrose Valley Friends charity (charity number 1171536) is open to anyone over the age of eighteen who is interested in furthering its purposes, and who, by applying for membership, has indicated their agreement to become a member and accept of the duty of members.

At this time a member may be an individual, however in future membership may be extended to people under 18, families or other organisations and corporate bodies where their aim and objectives match those of the Rimrose Valley Friends charity

Admission procedure
The charity trustees require applications for membership to be made online via the membership application page.
The trustees may occasionally refuse an application for membership if they believe it is in the best interests of Rimrose Valley Friends to do so. In that case the reason will be given to the applicant in writing/by email, and the decision of the Board of Trustees will be final.

Transfer of membership
Membership of Rimrose Valley Friends cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Duty of members
It is the duty of each member to exercise their powers as a member in the way they decide in good faith would be most likely to support and further the purposes of Rimrose Valley Friends.

Each member will be expected to fully respect and tolerate the wide range of different views and opinions of each other member at all times, never wilfully engaging in public criticism or slander towards each other.

Each member agrees with the principle that Rimrose Valley Friends accepts and embraces people from every walk of life, race, colour, gender, belief, religion, creed and political background as we unite in our love and support for our cherished Rimrose Valley and the power of a united community.

Termination of membership
Membership of the Rimrose Valley Friends will come to an end:

  • After the year’s subscription is up and if not renewed (in many cases a membership will renew automatically and a further years’s membership will be drawn by direct debit)
  • If the member dies
  • The member sends a notice of resignation to the charity trustees
  • The member cancels their membership using the online membership system
  • The charity trustees decide that it is in the best interests of Rimrose Valley Friends that the member in question should be removed, and where a resolution has been passed to that effect

Removal of membership status
Before the charity trustees take any decision to remove someone from membership they must:

  • Inform the member of the reason for removing their membership
  • Give the member a clear 21 days in which to challenge this decision in writing
  • Hold a meeting to discuss the reasons for removal, including representation from the member
  • The decision of the charity’s trustees is final.

Full Membership fees
Membership fees are set at £12 per annum. This may increase but will be kept to a reasonable amount.