FB-NATIONAL POLITICAL PRESSUREWhatever else may be done to challenge the Highways England decision, we’re clear that if the desire in Westminster remains to build the road then it will happen, no matter what we do.  The system has been set up this way, where the local people and politicians are powerless to directly do anything about it.  The only real chance we have of turning things around is to change the will of the decision makers in Government.

Chris Grayling is the current Secretary of State for Transport and he has the power to decide whether or not the scheme will proceed. He has other politicians around him who also bear influence, so we have to reach out to Mr Grayling and all the relevant Westminster ministers and politicians to bring about a change of mind and heart.  This will not be easy but it’s possible, and that’s where the Road Action Group has its focus.  Everything we are doing is about raising national and Westminster awareness in the hope that we can connect with the decision makers and apply the pressure needed to change things.   When we carry out local activities it’s to build the size and strength of our local support. When we reach out to local and national media it’s to push our message and our plight forward in the hope that it gains traction and national awareness.

What you can do now:

  1. Sign our petition
  2. Sign up as a Rimrose Valley Friend
  3. Donate to our campaign to stop the road