We have recently received a notification from Green Sefton regarding proposed tree works on Rimrose Valley, which is due to take place at the beginning of October.

They are aware that many members of the local community are anticipating Highways England, or one of its subcontractors, beginning exploratory work for the proposed road.  They have asked us to pass this information on to our supporters to address any concerns people may have and to reassure people that this is not connected to Highways England’s activities.

Please see more information below.  If you have any questions or concerns, please direct these to Green Sefton by clicking here.

Thank you.

Notification of Tree Works

I would like to inform you about planned tree works in Rimrose Valley.

We will have to remove number of trees that started to pose unacceptable Health and Safety risk.  They are either dead, decayed, structurally unsound or leaning towards private properties.  We also plan to prune some perimeter trees to reduce overhang over private properties and Ronald Close (to allow refuse vehicles to pass safely).  I have supplied maps (below) to help you see where the works will take place.  The red dots on the maps denote trees to be removed.  Yellow dots denote trees to be pruned.  Green dots are trees which do not require work at the moment; please note, not all trees are plotted (especially at Moorhead Close stretch).

Local residents are anticipating these works and we envisage will be in favour of them; we will leaflet residents a week before we commence with the works.  We have already informed local councillors.

We appreciate that this area is particularly sensitive at the moment due to the potential road plans however we cannot postpone these works any further and we want the works to commence in the first week in October 2019, before autumn storms to avoid any damage that will be caused if these trees are not removed.

Yours faithfully,
Green Sefton