We are incredibly excited to share the latest episode of our podcast series “We Said No!”.

Listen here.

It covers, in detail, a genuine solution to National Highways’ and Peel Ports’ Port of Liverpool Access Road.

The technology, know as Underground Freight Transport (UFT) would see container HGVs removed from our residential roads, tackling congestion, air pollution and immediately improving the lives of communities living alongside the A5036 WITHOUT the need to construct a new road.

The solution was contained in Sefton Council’s 2020 ARUP Inland Port Connectivity Concept Study, so we met with the owners of the technology, Mole Solutions Ltd, to find out more and were blown away by what they told us.

Crucially, it is also ZERO EMISSION, addressing the climate emergency head-on and enabling the UK Government to meet the commitments it is making to decarbonise transport at COP26.

Why is this so important?

Because it systematically DISMANTLES the case for building a road through Rimrose Valley.

Learn more by listening to the full interview with Mole Solutions, owners of the technology that can make this happen.

Listen here.