We have some AMAZING news!

Earlier this year we were one of 3 groups shortlisted for Tesco Stronger Starts grants.

Since that time, you were busy dropping your blue tokens into the containers in local Tesco stores, supporting the group of your choice.

What we DIDN’T know about was the “Golden Grant” award.  This is where a Tesco customer chooses one of the 3 groups to receive a WHOPPING £5,000!

Incredibly, we were chosen!

This means that our “Explore & Learn on Rimrose” project just got a whole lot bigger.

So… we’ve been busy organising a programme of events to take place in the next 9 months and we’ll be announcing these soon.

Make sure you don’t miss out by following our Eventbrite page, where all of these will be shared. Just head here.

Thanks so much to the unknown customer and to Tesco and Groundwork for their funding.

For more information on the Stronger Starts initiative, head here.