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OPINION: When honesty isn’t always the best policy?

OPINION: When honesty isn’t always the best policy: Highways England’s approach to delivering new road is so inconsistent and shambolic, it begs the question; has it actually been planned this way? In an era of fake news and alternative facts, should we be at all...

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RVF Charity Night!

Join us for an evening of fun and fundraising for a very worthy cause! The event will be held on Friday, 3rd August at the St William of York Parish Centre, Thornton and run from 7pm until midnight.  Every penny we raise on the night will go towards funding our...

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Save Rimrose Valley – Demonstration & Walk

  This is our first gathering to protest against the planned destruction of Rimrose Valley by Highways England. Please join us for a positive demonstration to show your opposition and to let everyone know how much you care about Rimrose Valley. We will gather at...

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Whose Road is it Anyway? Our meeting with Peel Ports

Representatives of Rimrose Valley Friends recently met with Patrick Walters (Chief Operating Officer) and Warren Marshall (Group Planning Director) of Peel Ports to discuss the proposed road through Rimrose Valley.  The purpose of the meeting was to explore whether...

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The Clock’s Ticking: Highways England Timeline

As Highways England intends to press ahead with its plans to build the road and to stick to current timescales, we wanted to remind everyone of the dates it is working to. We feel that this approach pays absolutely no respect to the legal process, nor the public......

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Our Plans to Protest

As the time for demonstrations draws closer, we wanted to share some more details about this with you, prior to Highways England commencing their exploratory work on Rimrose Valley. Objectives Rimrose Valley Friends will be holding peaceful and legal protests against...

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